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The Welding Torch Is Different From The Cutting Torch
Dec 02, 2017

Welding torch, also known as welding gun, is a tool for welding or preheating black metal or nonferrous metal workpiece by using oxygen and medium and low pressure acetylene as a source of heat. Is the main tool of the welding operation. The torch is the role of the combustible gas and oxygen are mixed evenly according to a certain proportion, to a certain speed from the welding nozzle spray, formed a certain energy, certain components, suitable for welding requirements and stable combustion flame. The torch will directly affect the quality of welding gas welding, the torch should have good oxygen and combustible gas and the proportion of the energy performance of the flame, the mixed gas jet velocity is equal to or greater than the burning speed, so that the flame stable combustion. At the same time, the weight of the torch is required to be light, and it should be operated conveniently and safely.

The torch is the role of the oxygen and acetylene were mixed according to the proportion, and the formation of preheating flame, hyperbaric oxygen spray to the workpiece to be cut, the cut metal combustion in oxygen jet, and the oxygen jet combustion slag (oxide) blown away and the formation of slotted. The torch is the main tool for cutting workpiece.

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