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The Classification And Principle Of Gas Torch
Dec 02, 2017

For the control of gas flow and mixing ratio, flame and welding tool called torch torch welding. A welding torch injector torch and constant pressure torch two, injector torch using combustible gas gauge pressure is lower than 0.007MPa, the combustible gas by injection of oxygen flow injection suction effect mixed with oxygen, so that the jet sucking welding torch, the oxygen from the nozzle at high speed shooting incident Straw 3, the low pressure acetylene suction jet Straw.

The oxygen pressure of the isobaric torch is equal to the pressure of the flammable gas, and the gas mixture can be carried out without the suction effect of the jet oxygen flow. As shown in Fig. 6-38b0, it is only suitable for medium pressure acetylene.

The expression of the welding torch model:

1) H represents the welding torch.

2) the number of bit numbers "0" represents handwork.

3) the second digit number "1" means the ejection type; the "2" represents the isobaric type.

4) the suffix numbero represents the maximum thickness of low carbon steel for welding, with a unit of mm.

The torch at the weld ends of the tungsten solder joints, between tungsten and workpiece distance of 1-3mm welding press switch, advance aspirated, high frequency discharge arc welding torch, 70 DEG -80 DEG angle, wire angle is 11 DEG -20 DEG gun straight moving, and observe the molten pool in the process of moving the wire feeding speed with the welding speed to match, not with tungsten wire contact, so as not to burn the tungsten electrode, welding torch. At the same time, according to the metal color of the weld, the effect of argon gas protection is determined.

A acetylene generator with a fixed acetylene generator and a acetylene station (room) should be used for the acetylene generator of 5 cubic meters per hour / hour or more than 10KG. It is operated by a special person and follows the safety operation procedure of acetylene station. The distance between acetylene station, oxygen cylinder storage or fixed acetylene generator (or acetylene cylinder) and workshop or other buildings should conform to the design specification of acetylene station.

All equipment must be checked before or when the torch is operated for a long time. Joint acetylene generator oxygen bottle and rubber hoses, valves and fasteners should be fastened firmly, no loosening, breakage and leakage phenomenon, oxygen bottle and accessories rubber hoses, tools can not grease the dirt.