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How To Operate The Gas Torch
Dec 02, 2017

The welding gun is the main tool for gas welding. There are many ways of classification, such as the mixing of combustible gas and oxygen, which can be divided into two types: ejection type and equal pressure type. If the type of flammable gas is divided, it can be divided into acetylene, hydrogen, and petroleum gas. According to the number of flame per flame and multiple flame, the method can be divided into two categories: manual and mechanical. However, the current gas welding torch is mostly shot, which is used to make acetylene flow through the absorption of oxygen, so it is possible to use either medium pressure or low pressure acetylene to make the torch work properly. In the process of using the torch, we should pay special attention to the following nine items:

1. The ejector welding gun must check whether its ejection performance is normal before ignition, as well as the leakage of the welding gun's connecting parts and the needle valve regulating the handwheel.

2. After the above examination is qualified, can ignition. Start the acetylene wheel at ignition, ignite acetylene and immediately turn on oxygen to adjust the handwheel and regulate the flame. The first ignition method and in comparison with the method of open after oxygen acetylene, has the advantage of, can avoid ignition when detonation phenomenon, easy to find whether the welding torch jams and other ills, flame by weak gradually strong, stable flame, etc. Also can make oxygen to adjust the handwheel when ignition slightly open, regulate the handwheel and immediately open the acetylene ignition, but once the torch have blocked the likely in acetylene gas channels, form the tempering condition, so from a security perspective, generally it is recommended to use the first method.

3. When the flame ceases to be used, the acetylene should be turned on to adjust the handwheel to prevent backfires and black smoke.

4. The gas paths of the solder are not allowed to be contaminated with oil, in case the oxygen meets grease and the explosion is ignited.

5. Select proper welding torch and welding nozzle according to the thickness of welding parts. Tighten the welding nozzle with the wrench and twist until the air is out.

6. In the process of use, if gas leakage occurs in the gas pathway or valve, the work should be stopped immediately and the air leakage will be eliminated before it can be used again.

Do not lie on the weld or on the ground with the burning torch.

8. After suspension or completion of work, the oxygen and acetylene bottles shall be closed and the hands of the pressure gauge shall be transferred to zero. Also, the welding gun and hose reel should be placed on the wall shelf or the rubber tube to store the welding gun in the tool box.

9. When the head of welding is blocked, it is forbidden to rub the head and plate, and the needle should be cleaned to eliminate the blockage.