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Common Fault And Elimination Method Of Gas Torch
Dec 02, 2017

(1) "Ba, Ba" sound (shooting) and continuous fire phenomenon. It is due to the long use of welding torch, impurities in acetylene, especially calcium hydroxide and other soot on the inner wall of the ejection pipe. Exclude with fine aperture than shoot Straw block wire scraping the inside of the soot, especially in the Straw shot hole end of the 10mm, but also to clean.

(2) the ability of ejection is small, and the flame is smaller. It is due to the thick needle deposit of the oxygen valve or because of the different axis of the oxygen valve needle and the nozzle hole of the oxygen valve and the oxygen regulating valve hole, so the ash accumulation and the straightening valve needle should be removed.

(3) there is no ejection ability, and countercurrent phenomenon appears at the same time. There are impurities or plugging of the welding nozzle at the hole of the pipe. If the nozzle is not blocked, the acetylene rubber pipe should be unloaded, and the nozzle can be blocked by fingers, and the oxygen control valve will be opened to turn the oxygen back, and the impurities will be blown off from the acetylene pipe joint. When necessary, the mixture can be removed and the internal impurities are removed. If the welding nozzle clogging, available through needle and cloth will splash clean.

(4) when the flame is ignited, the flame is too small. Because the thread wear of the needle rod of the oxygen valve is worn and the gap is too large, the valve needle and the needle hole are caused by different axis, and the oxygen valve needle must be replaced.

(5) reflux at acetylene joint. It is mainly the loose and leaking of the nozzle which is consistent with the oxygen valve needle and should be tightened.

(6) the phenomenon of continuous fire extinguishing occurs when the large welding or preheating weldments are welded. The reason is that the temperature of the welding nozzle and the mixed gas pipe is too high or the welding mouth is loose. At this time, acetylene should be closed, the welding nozzle is immersed in water to cool or tighten the welding nozzle, or the asbestos rope is moistened with water, and the welding nozzle and the mixed gas pipe are wrapped around.