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Classification Of Gas Torch
Dec 02, 2017

According to the torch mixed combustible gas and oxygen is divided into two types and pressure type spray suction; according to the size and weight is divided into standard type and portable type two; according to the number of flame is divided into single and multiple flame flame two; according to the type of combustible gas into hydrogen, acetylene and liquefied petroleum gas; by using the method of divided into two types and mechanical hand.

The pressure of the flammable gas of the isobaric torch is equal to the pressure of the oxygen, so it is called the equal pressure type. The advantage of the isobaric torch is that it is not easy to temper, but the isobaric torch can not be used for low pressure acetylene, which limits its use. So the isobaric torch is seldom used. The injector torch, acetylene flow mainly depends on the effect of injection suction (i.e. oxygen from the nozzle rapid injection, will gather in acetylene suction around the nozzle and in the mixing pipe according to a certain proportion from the welding nozzle ejected, so no matter) using low pressure acetylene or medium pressure acetylene, can make the torch work. At present, all the welding torch made in China is ejection type.