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Attention Should Be Paid To The Use Of Torch
Dec 02, 2017

(1) it is necessary to check its ejection condition before use. First, the oxygen rubber pipe is attached to the oxygen joint, so that the torch is connected with oxygen. At this time, the acetylene control valve handwheel is first opened, then the oxygen regulating hand wheel is opened, and the finger is pressed on the acetylene joint. If the finger feels a suction, it shows that the suction function is normal. If there is no suction and even reflow of oxygen from acetylene joint, it indicates that there is no ejection capacity and must be repaired. Otherwise, it is strictly prohibited.

(2) the acetylene rubber tube is then attached to the acetylene joint after the torch is tested normally. It is generally required that the oxygen intake joint must be firmly connected with the oxygen rubber pipe, that is, tighten the wire with the clamp or annealed wire. The acetylene intake joint and acetylene rubber pipe should avoid the connection too tight to be easy to plug and easy to pull down. At the same time, it is necessary to check the normal and leakage of the other gas channels, the gas regulating valve and the welding nozzle.

(3) if the above inspection is qualified, it can be ignited. The oxygen regulating valve should be opened slightly when the ignition is ignited, and then the acetylene regulator should be opened. The flame should be adjusted immediately after ignition so that the flame can reach its normal shape. If the adjustment is abnormal or there is a fire extinguishing phenomenon, check whether the leakage or pipeline is blocked and repair. You can also open the acetylene ignition valve, acetylene ignited and smoke ash, then immediately open the oxygen regulation o Yi Yi fire festival. This method can avoid the private cable fire explosion phenomenon during ignition, but also in the event of oxygen delivery after tempering immediately off oxygen, prevent explosion, this method can easily find the ignition torch is blocked and other problems, it is a little soot, affect the health, but is conducive to the safe operation.

(4) when the use is stopped, the acetylene regulating valve should be closed first and then the oxygen regulating valve is closed in order to prevent the flame from attacking and producing ash. In the process of use, if tempering occurs, the acetylene regulator valve should be closed quickly and the oxygen regulating valve is closed. After the tempering is extinguished, the oxygen regulating valve is opened, and the residual flame and ash in the torch are blown away, and the front part of the torch's handle is cooled in the water.

(5) in the process of use, if the gas channel or valve is found to have gas leakage, the work should be stopped immediately and the gas leakage can be removed to continue to use.

(6) all the gas channels of the torch shall not be contaminated with oil, so as to prevent oxygen from burning and exploding. Furthermore, the joint surface of the welding nozzle can not be bruised to prevent the use of air leakage.

(7) after the torch is stopped, the welding torch should be hung in a proper place, or the rubber pipe is dismantled and the torch is stored in the toolbox. It is strictly forbidden to store the welding torch with the gas source in the toolbox.