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A Versatile Stove For Camping
Dec 02, 2017

The wild firewood is an unpleasant thing, because the black smoke Xunde people often burst into tears. Although a camping stove will produce smoke at the very beginning, it will no longer be worried about the smoke and smoke when the fan is running, and there is no need to worry about the small fire escaping everywhere, causing burns.

This camping stove is also very good for water. If you tend to eat simple meals and bring convenience food such as instant noodles, you can cook it with hot water at the time. When the fan is transferred from high grade to low gear, the fire will become smaller, and you can even consider taking a pan to make a fried egg. As for cooking tea, a pot can be cooked in about two minutes, nearly three times faster than an alcohol stove.

Compared with the alcohol furnace, the size is also suitable. At the camping stove burner is more spacious and flat, can make the pot or kettle is more stable. In view of it as fuel, so easy to use local materials, and not need to worry about the shortage of fuel alcohol stove. Although it is not as clean as an alcohol stove, it can be cooked much faster in the vast number of cases. For many city people, camping stove is also a good barbecue tool. Just buy Wood balls from the supermarket, you can cook your steak or hamburger in your own yard.