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5 Tips To Teach You How To Pick The Stove
Dec 02, 2017

Determine the type of oven based on the number of peers

The store in common oven for mini oven, oven, oven home party, which are suitable for 2 people, 4-6 people, 6-8 people, if couples travel, a compact and chic Mini oven is enough, but if the family is a bunch of people out to make friends with congenial persons barbecue, it must choose a college the design for the gathering of friends of the oven (for 6-8). The number of applicable people in the hanging card of the oven can be used as a reference.

Look at the material of the oven

The oven of many materials, common cast iron furnace, furnace, stainless steel cold rolled steel sheet (three, paint spraying) characteristics of the stainless steel oven obviously, the weight of easily cleaning, but because of its own material on the stainless steel oven for dull silver, if you want a bright color fashion type oven, then can the surface of various resistance of cold rolled steel sheet oven design of powder coating at high temperature is absolutely the first choice

Fuel is one of the problems to be considered.

Carbon, gas and electricity are the three main fuels in the oven. How to choose them depends on your use.

If you barbecue indoors or at home, you can choose electric oven. If outdoor is not so convenient to use electricity, you must choose one in the oven of carbon and gas.

Gas oven is fast and pollution-free, which can meet the barbecue needs of large gatherings. But some people are not accustomed to using gas outside or in flammable articles such as tents, sleeping bags and so on. Therefore, there are fewer people using gas ovens nowadays.

Combustion efficiency is an important indicator

Because it is related to the rate of cooking with carbon and food. The oven is usually designed to narrow the width of the lower ladder, allowing sufficient heat to go up or charcoal. Besides, a good oven will also design a vent, so as to replenish oxygen during combustion. Of course, if you choose oven that has free adjustment, it's the best way to control the fire according to the physical condition.

The best disassembly is convenient, stable, durable and easy to clean

If you can, you'd better ask the clerks to help you assemble the oven, while you master the assembly skills, you can also see if the disassembly is convenient, and whether the oven is stable and durable after installation. No one wants to cook on the rickety oven, does it? Some ovens are complex in design, not only difficult to assemble and disassemble, but also difficult for cleaning. Therefore, when we buy our eyes, we must choose the oven which is convenient, stable, durable and easy to clean.