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What are the categories of outdoor gas furnaces
Dec 02, 2017

Gas stove: it is the most common variety in the outdoor equipment market. The main gases used are propane, butane and isobutane, and ethane is less used because of container restriction. The fuel tank can be divided into ordinary gas tanks and alpine gas tanks.

Fuel stove: there is a simple fuel furnace, and a multipurpose stove that can either be fuel or gas, and can even burn alcohol and other liquid fuels. Fuel including white gasoline and kerosene and gasoline, is with the use of special oil.

Alcohol stove: two kinds of liquid alcohol and solid alcohol. The design of liquid alcohol stove is various, including internal combustion type and external combustion type. Once gasifying, it has been vaporized for two times. Alcohol stove is various, has created the world's largest DIY market group and fancier stove stove, lightweight equipment and environmental enthusiasts enthusiasts is very much on the alcohol stove.

Firewood: firewood stove, because it does not need to carry fuel, it is of great significance for long distance crossing. This kind of outdoor stove is usually equipped with a small blower to help fire and fuel. The drawback is that the use of blowers needs batteries, but now some people are starting to use small outdoor hand-held generators or hand-operated blowers, so that they can reduce the bitterness of carrying spare batteries.

Solar cooker: absolutely environment-friendly stove, the weight is not very heavy, but its use needs some technical support. Different angles of sunshine should be applied to different technologies to get the maximum thermal efficiency. The disadvantage is that there is a strong dependence on sunshine conditions.

Paraffin furnaces, including ordinary candle furnaces and special outdoor paraffin furnaces. In general, this type of furnace is more suitable to be used as a thermal insulation furnace and is not suitable for boiling water and cooking.

Small electric furnaces and electromagnetic cookers: there are many outdoor cars equipped with outdoor generators. Under normal outdoor activities, they are usually not used because of the support of large power supply.

Field barbecue carbon stove: heavy weight, much fuel consumption, and no environmental protection. There are many self driving and RV camping applications. The field camping is rarely used.

Other stoves, such as special military stoves, etc.

Gas stove

Gas stove, also called gas stove, is the most common variety in the market. Because of the strong firepower, convenient carrying, easy operation, convenient maintenance and moderate price, it is welcomed by the vast outdoors enthusiasts.

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