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The gas welding gun is necessary and convenient
Dec 02, 2017

Configuration controller

There are many production lines that have gas welding process. For example, the battery

The assembly of the plates, the workers of the post need to have a number of plates, formwork, then gas welding. Then, remove the welds, reinstall the die, weld... In this cycle, the cycle time of completing a battery plate assembly is about 1 minute and 20 seconds. The welding time of welding is about 40 seconds, while the air welding gun is still open during the 80 second period of mold loading and unloading. There are four shortcomings in the discontinuous lifting and closing controller of the airless welding gun: (1) frequent closing of the gun, firing the ignition, adjusting the flame, not only the operation is troublesome, but also the time consuming and affecting the working process. (2) frequent fire control of the flame, which can have a great impact on the product quality. Therefore, if management personnel are to conduct scientific and detailed management, it is difficult to establish a uniform product quality standard for staff. (3) the safety device is far from the workers (some enterprises have no safety devices), and there may be a fire hazard at any time. (4) the gas welding gun is always open, which not only wastes a lot of energy but also causes serious environmental pollution.

Easy to fold operation

The operator picks up the welding gun, and can automatically, connect, gas (acetylene), oxygen synchronously produce 5 seconds of dc pulse, spark, fire to the ignition can be used. To avoid gas torch in the work of production line in a normally open state, or frequently shut gun, save energy and improve production, working environment, improve product quality, achieve scientific detail management. The whole operation is convenient, the volume is small, the control circuit is stable and reliable. This gas welding gun discontinuity controller consumes less than 8 watts of power.

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