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The effect of cutting torch
Dec 02, 2017

The torch is the role of the oxygen and acetylene were mixed according to the proportion, and the formation of preheating flame, hyperbaric oxygen spray to the workpiece to be cut, the cut metal combustion in oxygen jet, and the oxygen jet combustion slag (oxide) blown away and the formation of slotted. The torch is the main tool for cutting workpiece. Http://

According to the mixture of oxygen and acetylene torch flame preheating in different injection suction and pressure type two, which used the most common injection cutting torch. The torch according to their use is divided into ordinary cutting torch, heavy cutting torch and the welding and cutting torch.

1, ordinary oxyacetylene cutting torch models mainly include G01-30, G01-100, G01-300, GD1-100

The torch model representation method:

(1) G torch.

(2) the first digit "0" is a handwork.

(3) the second digit number "1" represents the suction type.

(4) the suffix digital representation of low carbon steel cutting thickness, the unit is mm.

Check the connection tightness and the valve should be the torch before ignition. We should also check the ejection and absorption ability of new use of welding torch and injection cutting torch. The welding nozzle of welding and cutting torch occurred due to continuous detonation heat, cooled by water; if the detonation due to clogging, should be stopped, can continue to use the rear through tick. Gas welding and gas cutting operating personnel should wear protective glasses. When using the mobile type semi automatic cutting machine or fixed type automatic cutting machine, the operator should wear insulated shoes, and measures to prevent electric shock. After the welding and cutting work finished, the oxygen and acetylene gas supply valve should be closed and the welding torch should be unloaded. It is not only to close the welding (cutting) torch or to bend the gas pipeline and leave the workplace. Will not prohibit from the air supply valve unloading gas hose, welding torch and torch into the pipes, containers, tanks or toolbox.

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