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Is camping a good gas or an alcohol furnace
Dec 02, 2017

The characteristics of gas stove are small volume, light weight, convenient operation and strong firepower. The disadvantages are: high cost in late stage, low wind resistance, low combustion efficiency at low temperature, but because of its lightweight and convenience, it is currently the first choice for camping and walking activities.

Alcohol furnace: the advantage is that the price of the stove and fuel is cheap and does not need to be repaired. The disadvantage is that the volume is large and the combustion efficiency is low.

The commonly sold GAS in the market is the XAX liquid butane gas produced by South Korea's MAXSUN company. There are generally two kinds:

230g standard English screw interface is usually a flat GAS tank. The gas is pure and the pressure is high, and it supports the power output of the GAS furnace above 2500W. Use time: 1.8-2.6h (2800W furnace test).  Less than 0 degrees of use efficiency is reduced, and temperature needs to be added.

Evaluation: mountaineering and hiking suitable for the regular environment

Camping use 220g card, that is, the usual long GAS tank, low price. The purity of the gas is low and the pressure is low, and it is difficult to supply more than 2500W power output. Use time: 1-1.3h (2300W furnace test). The combustion is unstable at low temperature and the use time is greatly shortened.

Evaluation: suitable for warm environment, we use conventional mountain hiking camping businesses generally recommend customers to buy bottles of long, if not on the snow capped mountains or low pressure areas, overall or long bottle just worthwhile, with a conversion of 30 yuan a head.

The long bottle will have the advantages as a whole:

1. The price is cheap, with the conversion of two money back.

2. It is convenient to carry.

3. As long as it's not a very low temperature (below zero, or a long bottle)

4. We once asked some of the customers who used long bottles, and it was good (but not a user in winter). Perhaps in the mountains when the temperature is low in the bottle, and then into the mountain more than advice if you want to protect the gas stove better, in general or imported gas well.

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