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How to do the leakage of the torch pipe interface
Dec 02, 2017

The torch (welding torch) pipes, can continue to use electric iron + + solder solder paste additives after welding.

Welding torch, no matter gas pipe (acetylene gas, propane gas, hydrogen, natural gas, gasoline, etc.), or combustion supporting trachea (oxygen tube) and ejection pipette (mixture gas forming tube), any pipe leakage can not be used continuously.

The torch torch is due to interface leakage in the manufacturing process, welding defects caused by soldering, soldering iron currency + solder wire, solder paste used as additives to welding welding repair the leak site to not leak completely after cooling can be used for the welding operation. Can be welded with welding brazing. The use of copper wire and 401 flux, gas welding heating welding line. Because of the low melting point of copper, the welding time is not too long.

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