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A camp stove that generates electricity
Dec 02, 2017

BioLite, an American start-up company, designed the camping stove, which is made up of a water cup sized metal stove and a charging module with USB interface. In use, it is necessary to first combine the two together, and then add fuel to the metal stove, such as small branches, small wood chips, etc., and ignite with matches. When the oven wall reaches a certain temperature, the charging module will automatically turn on, and the small fans will start to turn more air into the metal stove to make the fire more prosperous and to charge the battery part of the charging module. Just a moment, you can recharge devices such as mobile phones, MP3 players, flash lights and rechargeable batteries through the USB interface.

It is reported that the USB interface of the camping furnace can provide 2W power with a voltage of 5V. IPhone 4S can charge 20 minutes through it and can increase the length of the call for 60 minutes. Of course, it can also be used to heat food, and it is said to be able to boil 1 litres of water in 4 to 5 minutes.

BioLite believes that this device can effectively reduce the consumption of fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions, in addition to letting campers recharge mobile phones, so as to protect the environment. In addition, it will provide an emergency power for mobile devices and play a more critical role in areas such as Africa and other undeveloped power grids.

This family has family Version (family version is a little big, like Earth stove, pictures are black African mothers in use) and camping version. The pictures posted on this site should all be camping version. This hurricane strikes, camping stove shows great strength, not only the American civilians, but also the US army uses it to charge.

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