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Gas Torch

The gas torch is a gas welding equipment. It has an electronic ignition and locking function. The continuous use of the gas welding torch does not damage the welding tip, and the firepower is concentrated up to 1300 degrees. It uses butane fuel and has adjustable firepower. The gas torch can be used for small welding or strong windproof lighters. The gas torch is used for electrical maintenance, and the outdoor picnic is ignited to easily ignite wet wood.
When the operator picks up the welding torch, it can automatically, turn on, gas (acetylene), and oxygen to generate 5 seconds of DC pulse and spark. You only need to align the igniter to ignite, so that the gas torch is not normally open during the production line, or the gun is frequently turned off. This can achieve the goal of saving energy, improve production and working environment, improve product quality, and achieve scientific and detailed management. The overall operation of the device is convenient, the volume is small, and the control circuit is stable and reliable. Our gas torch intermittent switching controller consumes less than 8 watts of power.
The welding torch is the main tool for gas welding work. There are many ways to classify it, such as the combination of flammable gas and oxygen, which can be divided into two types: injection type and equal pressure type. If it is classified according to the type of flammable gas, it can be classified into acetylene, hydrogen, and petroleum gas. According to the number of flames, it is divided into single flame and multi-flame, and can be divided into manual and mechanical according to the method of use.
Northstar offers the best gas torch wholesale service with cheap price. Established in 2009, we're known as one of China's leading gas torch manufacturers. Welcome to contact our factory.
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    Camping Gas Torch Butane Burner BBQ lighter

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    The GAS TORCH has a maximum flame of 3,600 kcal. It features a big size flame, best for charcoal, welding, pipe work, and other high flame power activities. The anti-flare system creates higher performance with the hot vaporized gas...
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    Hand Held Butane Gas Blow Torch

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    The Rocket Torch features a one touch gas connection and maximum flame power with 3,100 kcal. Best uses for charcoal ignition, simple welding, pipe work, blistering and high flame power activities.
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